Rebar & Wire Mesh

Barsplice Products

Speedway is a Barsplice distributor and can provide the highest quality mechanical splicing products available. Including Zap Screwloks, DBR Barsplice, and Grip Twist Taper Threads. Learn more at

Smooth Dowels and Dowel Baskets

Speedway stocks smooth dowels, plain and epoxy coated, from 1/2" to 1-1/2" diameter in a variety of stock lengths. Dowel baskets are made to order and available in any number of configurations.

Wire Mesh Rolls

6x6 - 10/10  5x150'

Wire Sheets

6x6-10/10;  6x6-8/8;  6x6-6/6;  6x6-4/4;  4x4-4/4; 6x6-D7.5/D7.5

Stock Rebar

#3-#9 inch; Stock 20' & 30'; Pre Cut Stock #3-#5

Rebar Fabrication

Complete fabrication from #3-#14 rebar to your specification.